“Like what the page says, this is where I’ll put my reviews. The difference between this and Quick Looks is that, I won’t avoid spoilers here. These are your standard anime reviews, which, I hope you guys enjoy.”

— Leap, 2011

… Or, well, this page used to be that. I found out a bit later in my ani-blogging life that I’m not that good of a reviewer. More so because I tend to just write about what the anime is about as opposed to telling you why it’s good or bad. I should go back to these at some point, now that I have a better grasp of who I am as an anime viewer, but for now yes, please be forewarned that these “reviews” aren’t so much full reviews you’d expect elsewhere, but just me rambling a bit about stuff that I like, stuff that I didn’t like, and whether or not I would advise you to watch the show.


*Novel Reviews


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