Real Talk

Real Talk is a series of posts where I intend to incorporate and relay different theories and concepts that I’ve encountered in texts (scholarly or otherwise) to certain occurences in anime, in an attempt to explain and flesh ideas out within the context of how they may have been represented in the show. That is to say the connection I make between these concepts and the anime shows that I pick out is based simply on my own understanding of the two, independent of the show’s actual narratological background.

Nisemonogatari teaches you Hyperreality and Simulacrum
Koyomi Flower and Symbolic Interactionism
Alderamin on the Sky and Yatori’s Giri/Ninjou
Misattribution, and why Tachibana Akira’s Love is Like After the Rain

The Curious Case of Love Live! is somewhat of a spin-off that I made to Real Talk, when I found myself writing more and more about idol phenomena the more I became entranced with its world.

μ’s, and the interpellation of 2.5D idols
Idols, Performances, and Spectacle
The Koshien of School Idols and Sports Anime Appeal